About Us

About Us


A lightweight caravan which still has a sufficient load capacity, is hard to find. With us you receive this comfort to best conditions.

In the early 70's Erdogan Basoglu came to Switzerland and noticed an abundance of caravans around Lucerne. He thought of his father, a hunting enthusiast and how useful and comfortable this would be for him while hunting, especially during the cold winter months. Not long after, he built his very first trailer, a simple trailer model.

This was the very first project that would ignite the spark of a much greater passion, and so the idea for a business was born. Erba Karavan was opened in 1975 in Turkey. As a pioneer in caravan construction in Turkey, he focused on high quality production and customer satisfaction, building each caravan according to individual customer needs and wishes.

All Erba Caravan's are built with the highest safety and reliability standards, meet Swiss and European standards and are certified for travel throughout Europe.

Since 1975, Erba Caravan's continuous commitment to customer-oriented product policies and complete customer satisfaction has made it the leading name in the Turkish caravan market. Models can be purchased in two ways; previously designed, or the customer can choose a base model and customize all the details; from wood to fabric to layout. This way they can be in control of their own vision and dreams and design a caravan or motorhome that is comfortable, useful and exactly what they need. Whether you're on business, leisure, or want the custom comforts of home that a hotel can never provide, Erba Karavan will make your dream a reality.


It is our intention to protect and preserve the environment. Therefore, both the caravan and the production have environmental protection and sustainability as their goal.

Erba Karavan products are tailored to your needs down to the smallest detail, using only the highest quality materials and fabrics for aesthetically beautiful interiors and exteriors.

The structure is deliberately designed to be aerodynamic to reduce air resistance. This, together with the low overall weight, increases the range and saves CO2. In addition, this allows for a 100 km/h speed, which allows for a more comfortable cruising speed.


All of our products are far less expensive than our competitors. Other companies allow personalization in the design of details, but only to a limited extent and usually with a VERY high price tag. With Erba Karavan, in addition to the benefits of comfort, aesthetics and reliability, lies the decision to create your own vision from scratch without incurring enormous costs


Owning an Erba caravan is having a home on wheels. We provide the utmost in comfort by allowing our customers to pick exactly what comfort and ease means to them, and then put those ideas into realization in the caravan or motorhome of their dreams.


Why be stuck on hotel reservations and dependent on check-in/out times when you can have something even better ... the freedom to do what you want in your own environment?


All Erba Karavan motorhomes and caravans are built with the utmost care and quality. They are certified and meet the safety standards and norms in European countries.


Stepping out of the caravan and picking an apple from the tree, untying a hammock, smelling the smoke of your own wood fire, listening to the stories of the people who live in the country you have traveled to or sharing stories with other travelers ... This is the essence of travel. To explore, to experience and to enjoy